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Obsidian Carver Search

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I received this email and thought that perhaps one of TCP's members is proficient with carving obsidian and might be interested in contacting this person privately. His request follows:


Hi Janel,


I was just searching the internet and ran across your website.


The reason for my search is I wanted to look into the possibility of creating some sort of jewelry piece for my daughter (18 years old) out of a piece of obsidian that I picked up on Mt. Kilimanjaro earlier this year. We both climbed the mountain in June, and I thought making something out of a rock from the mountain might be a nice memory for her, especially if the something was something she really liked and wanted to wear.


I have no artistic talent whatsoever. My initial thought was to get someone to carve the rock (about 1 “ cubed) into a necklace piece, perhaps of a horse’s head. Horses are her passion! She owns 2.


Appreciate any thoughts you might have on how to go about doing this.




Ron Schleif

Click for Ron's email

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