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Dragon Prow

Darryn R

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I found an old Totara strainer post and decided to carve a dragon prow which was a fun task.

The wood was VERY old and dry and had a tendency to split and splinter so a fair bit of care was needed with this project especially on the neck. Appropriately Danish oil was used to bring out the woods natural colour :D and the prow now stands guard outside my front door.



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Hi Janel

Sorry about that!

Here in New Zealand we have a tree called a totara that was/is a favoured wood of the Maori carvers of Aotearoa for making waka (canoes) and other carvings such as the fronts of the carved meeting houses as it is a straight grained wood that is naturally resistant to rot and comes up a lovely dark reddish brown colour.

It was also hand sawn and split and used as fence posts by early european settlers/farmers and a strainer is just a larger post that anchors the fence and takes the strain when things are tensioned up. The piece I used was very old and all the natural oils had pretty much been leached out while it was buried in the ground hence the splitting problems.



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