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Decretive Carvings On Canes

Guest CV Wood

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I am new to the forum and I understand that the focus is on small carving. I have looked over the forum and have enjoyed the variety carvings and material that are represented here. I have primarily worked in wood. But I am interested in doing more work with bone and antler. Decretive carving canes and walking sticks is what I do most. And hope to carve Bone an antler handles. I am still not sure if this is what the forum thinks of as small carving. If not I will move on. The cane with the Angle is oak and the other 2 are walnut.




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There is not necessarily an official definition for "small carving" for the forum but one might interpret that to mean needing to use small tools for smaller works. With what I do, there are few if any commercially available tools for the scale that I work in. There are many who face similar challenges, in a variety of mediums and styles, so sharing knowledge here helps everyone.


Thank you for adding photos of your work. I want to remind you to watch the file size of the images and try to keep them reduced as per the guidelines found at the top of each forum area index.


Photos are such a great aid in sharing information.

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