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Looking For This Specific Bit


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Does anyone knows where i could get these type of bits for dremel/proxxon ? It's basically a very small wheel with teeth , and it's perefect for the type fo projects i want to achieve. I've been looking for these in dremel/proxxon as well as industrial and dentists catalogs but no one seems to make them anymore . I got this one from a dremel kit almost 15 years old. I almost made all my carving project mainly with it.

It's 1,5 mm radius, and I'm basically looking for any type of these, whatever the radius (of course, smaller is better :)).

Thank you !



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Marcel, Thank you!


I am quite excited to see that this company is within an hour's drive away from my location.


It is curious that someone from partway around the world can introduce me to something in my own back yard!



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According to my experience, this is the cheapest of the net, and shipping for Europe ,

look for , wheel , bur and burs , in this shop , it gives different results , and different size






the shop , lowest first , (additional item for shipping $1)



shop tools for jewels ,



've ever sent to this address Corneil schneider, his fingers tips were horrible ,


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Hi Naomi,




Quite a few years ago when my NSK microgrinder was delivered, this bit was included. It is my favorite roughing out tool ever. My fear is the eventual failure or wearing out of this tool, so a back up is desired. I have never been able to find an exact duplicate of it, so maybe if any of you find something similar, somewhere, you might help me to find it.


3.16 mm or 1/8 inch diameter shaft.

2.07 cm or 2 1/16 inch overall length

1.6 cm or 5/8 inch tool head length

7 mm or 9/32 inch diameter





Many thanks,



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