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A Tiny Router Plane ("old Woman's Tooth")


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Well, since it looks like I might be making a few knife handles in similar style, it became a bit of a problem that to make the background sunk to a reasonably flat surface, I need to make a special tool. It's too much hassle otherwise, by hand. Woodworkers knew and some still do the appropriate tool, as in the title. What I made is a tiny miniature version. The only real difference, apart from the size is that the woodworking equivalents are cutting planes, this one is a scraping one. For a blade I simply use discarded rotary burr, sharpening it at the back to a flat chisel edge. The bolt is an off the shelf 6mm one, drilled to take the burr. The wingnut equivalent lever is bone. You can tap bone using normal metal taps. The pictures explain it all.






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All of the decades that I have been carving by eye to create the illusion of a contiguous background surface, first in clay and now in wood . . . I so appreciate your clear thinking and solution to this carving dilemma.


Thank you for sharing this tool concept!!!



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