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Tony R

Ocean Origin Bone Material?

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Hello All,


I am new to bone carving.Trying to learn how to hand carve Polynesian style carvings, due to family ties. I want to make carvings for family. Since whale bone is so difficult to get now in the US, I'm still trying to buy legal whale bone, are there any other options?


What other bone which originates from the ocean do you suggest that I can use for bone carving and where can I purchase from?




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If the question is simply what kind of bone/ivory exists in the sea, here is a list: Whale bone/teeth. Walrus tusk (and presumably bone, though I never heard of anyone carving it.) Narwhale tusk. Elephant seal teeth (these can be very substantial.) Other seal teeth. (these vary in size, of course, but some can be as big as bear teeth.) Since on the topic, whale means a lot of species, like pilot whales, for example. Most toothed whales (as opposed to baleen whales) have carvable size teeth. Then you have saltwater crocodile teeth, and oddities like the dugong, which has quite OK teeth, and also solid ribs; and oosic, which is the solid penile bone of some species, including the walrus. I'm sure there are some more.

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