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beginning of a sculpture

Greg Delaunay

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Is not the effect of light and shadow a big part of what makes sculpture what it is? You are carving the lights and shadows in a wonderful way!


Carving takes lots of time but only as much as it needs. As you grow through your first sculptural pieces, the decisions and actions should flow more easily. (one always hopes for that, anyway)


She is very beautiful already! Thank you for sharing her emergence with us!

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well, here is the beginning. Now I must carving the hair (I'll go read again the post about that, 2 or 3 hours of translation  ;)  !) and after, polishing...


Hi Greg,


I'm just an astounded viewer! All I can say is she is beautiful :).


Anxious to see your next carving!



Best Regards




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Guest ford hallam

Morning Greg,


thanks for letting us see your work as you progress. This has previously been discussed on TCP so I think it safe to say that most, if not all of your "viewers" well appreciate you extending yourself in this way. Sensitive work of this nature is naturally intensely intimate and personal. Thank you again for letting us in.


I also wanted to know how you went about preparing to "do" the actual carving, what kind of preparitory drwings, studies etc you make, do you make a model in wax or clay, indeed how much drawing or other preparitory work do you do?


I apologise if I am intruding too much, if so, please ignore my enquiry.


appreciative regards, Ford

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thank you very much Ford, I never had any secrets about what I did, my only limits here are the translation in English!


This is my first test of sculpture, and for the preparations, I initially made drawings of the final project, to find the idea general,



then I made more precise drawings.



But I found it too much "flat", then I found... a true model! I made photographs of a girl, while turning around her (I can't show there :D ) and I remakes drawings with

line to mark the various heights.



then I put the drawings, face and profile, on the ivory lump, and cut with the bandsaw.



and after...eletric tools for the rough work, and handmade tool for the the fine work...

I hope you'll understand all...

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Guest ford hallam

Thanks for your response Greg,


I had imagined that you must have prepared like this. Good drawing is obviously so very important, something I`m not terribly good at myself.


So you managed to get a live model to pose for you...hmm, now that might encourage me to draw more, i wonder if my wife will let me :D


regards, Ford

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What a beautiful transition you have made from scrimshaw to sculptural work! It seems to be a natural and good step for you to take! Thank you for speaking about your preparations. You are fortunate to have found a willing and lovely model.




Why not draw your wife, or perhaps a women marked by life? One of my favorite sculptures, at the Hirshhorn Museum, Smithsonian Institution, is by Auguste Rodin: She Who Was Once The Helmet-Maker's Beautiful Wife, in bronze, its largest measurement is less than 20 inches. "Auguste Rodin's extreme realism climaxed in this sculpture of a naked, aging courtesan contemplating her past beauty, wealth, and power. The sculpture was originally intended for his unfinished, monumental "Gates of Hell." Read more...


We admire the beauty in an aged and insect damaged leaf, why do we not also admire the aged and changed bodies of our own images? It is not so easy a subject, but there is beauty and a poingnant quality to recognize and interpret.


There is a challenging thought for this day,


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Guest ford hallam

Hi Janel,


actually, I do use my wife as a model for life drawing, she`s more than happy to lounge immobile for any length of time B) , good thing she does`nt read my posts.


as for women " marked by time", well.... I get bored with drawing all those wrinkles :D


as always, Ford

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