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Gary R

"boreing" Ivory

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Hi folks. I haven't been here in a while and wonder if anybody could offer me some advice.


I've decided that, in addition to making ladies jewellery out of Woolly Mammoth Ivory, I'd make some nice-looking cuff links.


An easy enough task; shape your Ivory and Araldite to the cuff link pad ! But, I'd like to carve-out a shallow, circular recess to accommodate the pad ….. for a much tidier, better quality look.


I can of course rout the recess out with my Dremel but, I'm wondering if anyone might know of a specialist tool that I could use that would be quicker. I need to create a recess about 12mm in diameter and only about 1.00mm deep.


Thank you.



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Suggestion Gary,


If you've not carved the piece yet and what you have is still blanks - attach your blank to the Dremel chuck (somehow), using it as a lathe. You should be able to turn out the bottom and the recess with a sharp suitably-shaped chisel. If you go for that you need low speed and good eye protection.


Cheers / Ezz

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Thank you for that suggestion Ezz.


I've managed quite a decent job by firmly mounting the blanks and routing them out with a small engraving cutter.

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