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My Sandpaper Box

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Picked this up from a flea market many years ago - wooden box not fleas :P


I've been using it since to keep my cut to size sandpaper sheets and strips tidily in one place. It's very well constructed from solid walnut with brass fittings and my guesstimate is its 70 - 80 years old at least.


I'm so glad I resisted the initial urge to sand it down and refinish it, as I believe the patina acquired over the years gives it more beauty and character.


Please excuse the frivolous nature of this post, but it's about something that I really cherish.


A good day to you all






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Hello Ezz EL, I realize this is old but I just noticed it! LOL. That is a great idea. Weird thing is I have two of the same boxes. They used too be water meter parts boxes. They have the same dovetail corners and latches. Mine don`t have a handle though. They are as old as the water co, so I am guessing at close to 80 years at least! I was using one to put files and burrs in. I know have a need for the other! Thanks! Small world indeed.

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