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Mushroom Netsuke

Ezz El Sherbiny

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A mushroom netsuke that I carved a couple of years ago out of a modest stock of pre-ban ivory bits acquired in the early 1980's. 5cm x 3cm x 3cm.


The mushroom stalk is a separately carved piece which was fitted with a serrated steel dowel before being epoxied, forming a natural Himotoshi. The lady bird on the top is a coral cabochon, The stylized bug on the stalk was in fact a chip in the material for which I carved a tiny ivory sliver then grafted it in place, carved it flush with the surface then scratched the legs and antenna. A weak tea solution was used to produce a light patina.


Serious carvers might consider the carving of separate pieces then holding them together with dowels/epoxy - a bit of cheating perhaps ??? I'm really not quite sure. That's an issue about which I would appreciate any comments / guidance.



Thanks / Ezz






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