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Tom Edward

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Hello Everyone, my question is Inro the Japanese boxes suspended from a cord,. there's all this buzz about the netsuke carving, the beads ojime, but little on the boxes called INRO.

Does anyone here have a tutorial on these items, how to's would be wonderful, and any images that are not already on the web.

Thanks Janel for the soap box!

Cheers to one and All

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The use two wooden templates ,for the inner and a outer diameter ,

Japanese website ,


Transelation , https://translate.go....htm&edit-text=

It requires several year of dryness ,


for lacquer work see youtube , part one of four ,




nical itechnical introduction to treat materials and toolntroduction to treat materials and toolctechnical introduction to treat materials and toolhnical introd home page , http://www8.plala.or...1/zaidougu1.htm

technical , materials tools


my favorite inro, only japanese people come to this design

to give a lobster a shape like this ,


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Thanks Tom for your post,

Years ago I attempted to make a small Inro. Having not handled an Inro myself then and without any guidance I did it the hard way, through what you might call "micro-carpentry. The bottom compartment alone for example is made of 9 different pieces. It was painstaking but fun and I think I've managed to get the hard part done. One side was inlaid while the other remains blank awaiting new ideas / inspiration, so it's still an unfinished project. I'll post it anyway ...

Sincere regards


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