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Copper forming

Jim Kelso

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When I checked the pictures of making the little saw most were out of focus and not worth showing. I also use my saw as a file that's why I thought the little saw was a great idea, however, it is uncomfortable to use. Needs modification.

Ford, have you tried Antilope blades for "harte metalle"? I have used them for cutting out steel flintlock parts for minatures. I will try the Vallorbe blades. Here are a pair of highland pistols with a lot of detailed steel work. The stocks are brass and silver all other parts are steel. Please forgive the tacky lens flare.  The picture is from my portfoleo and put in when I started to use Photoshop. Thought it was "neat" at the time. Embarrassed smiley.



What neat brace of pistols! Very detailed and intricate. Nice job, you have more pictures?

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Guest ford hallam

Hey Dick,


I`d love to see some of your minature arms in the flesh, i find them quite facinating. Tiny duelling pistols? are they used for settling minor disputes then? :D


regards, Ford B)

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Thank you for the nice words.

Jim, The pair of pistols are 1/3 scale. Here are other miniature pieces of the set created in the same scale for the same person. The pieces are silver, ivory and the blades are tempered etched steel. The gorget, plad brooch, cantle of the sporan, cross belt plate and weapons are heavily engraved with scottish iconography. The bronze is 16" high. It is a portrait of the person who commissioned the entire set with the full size pieces from his collection.

Ford, I also wish you could handle the pieces, however, I have no idea where most of my ministure pieces are since most were done more than twenty years ago.

Don, I will try to find the origional pictures of the pistol set. The pistols were done several years earlier than the sword set and sculpture which were created in the 80's.




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