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My first post...not just here...anywhere!

Please be patient with any errors, be they technical etiquette or related to the carving work.


Though I have always loved 'making' , I onlybegan carving about 2 years ago when, after rfetirement from teaching, I went to work in the National Museum of Wales at St. Fagans,Cardiff.

I began carving love spoons while at my post and talking to the visitors from all corners of the globe.

The first were copies of designs by David Western, but I then became daring enough to adaptand develop my own - averaging 6" long.




I hate the idea of wasting off-cuts and used one piece of apple to produce a small leaf spoon - about 3".



One lady asked if I would make her a small pendant cross in Rowan [traditionally anti-demonic?] and, as she had no idea of what style, that led to experimenting with various designs in any small off-cuts I had.



She chose the cross in a heart style on the right.


Issues with tools led me to surfing the net and...the Carving Path...and a desire to develop more small scale pieces at a higher standard.


Thank you for reading/looking

I would welcome some feedback and advice.


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hi Ezz

If you knew what those two words mean to me!

As the number of views were going up with absolutely no response...

Positive reiforcement is so important and I can only hope for constructive suggestions or photos of similar work in order to help make some progess.

Thank you.



PS. Very impressed by your work. Indeed, the standards I see in most of the areas I have visited lead me to want to develop more knowledge and skill.

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