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List Of Inlay Materials

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From my wood shop ,

Cyanoacrylate Superglues in three viscosities: thin, medium and thick. and glitter flaces








google glitter flaces,




my own test, with different viscosity glue ,



Celluloid guitar purfling ,


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cool i never much cared for glitter in my inlay i prefer to use stones and shell type material plus i honestly think glitter is created from a evil organization. no matter how little of the stuff you use it never goes away:) glitter shows up where you expect it the least and no matter how long ago you use it it still sticks around. also the chemicals used for some glitter change color when combines with epoxy or CA glue. i tried using some blue glitter and it turned pink when combined with the Ca glue. i just don't have the experience with glitter to know how it will react.


if i want a glitter reflective appearance i use some car paint additives mixed with my stone that will create the glittery appearance that i want.

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