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Chert Artifact - Any Clues?


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This artifact was discovered in the early 1970's when a house foundation was being excavated in the Louisville, KY area. Someone has asked for help with answering some questions he has about it:


"I am not a sculptor/carver but found a piece 43 yrs ago when my father was digging the foundation for a new house. I have been using every means I know to figure out what this caving was made for, time period, where it might be from, and perhaps what its value might be. With my computer illiteracy I found this one of the few resources to ask a question while looking up information on chert. I recently saw a grade school friend who is a geologist and this is what she told me . It is a chert nodule with some working and didn't recognize this particular type here in the U.S. I found this with in 100 yards of a fort/house in our neighborhood also two graveyards and a spring house are close by . I would welcome any thoughts."


"This piece was found in Louisville Ky. and that is on the Ohio river . The fort was established in the 1800's will get the exact dates to you later. thanks so much for your interest and responses. Has anyone else on your sight offered any input .Thanks so much and have a happy new year."





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