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Artur M

Ebony Netsuke Skull

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I have finally finished my second piece.

It is made of ebony and measures 3,5x3x3 cm.

It took me almost forever this time.

I visited the forum countless times to motivate myself.


I`am looking forward to see some new works from other mambers

and wish everybody all the best for this year.


Best wishes from Germany!




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Hello Artur,


Does the piece have a title, or a subject that you could explain to us? My imagination is in use with its curious looks. Ebony is an interesting wood to use, and it looks like you have used it well.



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Hallo Janel,


I don't have a specific titel, it supposed to be a stylized skull

kind of liquefied because of the ability of fear to take any form he she or it is afraid of.

Ebony is a really really nice material.

I'm looking forward to use it again in time.


Thank you for your attention.(Yloh too)


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