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Introduction, Ac Button Ii At Carolina Sculpture Studio


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I'm a lifelong carver and looking forward to making new connections here on the forum. My name is AC Button. I am a full time sculptor, working mostly in granite for the memorial industry for the past 15 yrs. My studio is just outside Spartanburg, SC. Not able to post any pics tonight but my website is http://carolinasculpturestudo.com for anyone interested. We don't do things like facebook.


My work scale ranges from several tons to netsuke, but most of my smaller work is simply for myself and those close to me. As much as I enjoy large monolithic work, I love the intimacy and patina that small, handled objects acquire. I've carved a really wide range of media. Hopefully I can learn more here and possibly contribute to the forum.


One project I have pending is carving a dragon from a 50-60 gram piece of stabilized turquoise, so I hope to find good advice here. I will do a model in clay, maybe wax before carving to maximize the use of the piece, then probably point the model into the stone like I do with larger projects. This is for my daughter. The detail level and quality of these carvings are what I plan to produce- http://www.thecarvingpath.net/forum/index.php?/topic/3491-very-realistic-stone-carvings-worth-to-look/page__pid__27161#entry27161 Probably will use diamond rotary tools for much of the carving, maybe similar materials and/or tin oxide for polishing. I would be happy for any advice, especially regarding magnification while working.


I also have a large piece of jade I am servicing for a customer, doing minor shaping and polishing. Advice with polishing is appreciated. I did search here and found some info about using diamond dust and bristle brushes, but most of what needs to be polished is (of course) pretty hard to reach so the larger brushes are not an option.....


Thanks for having me here.

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