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Wendy S

Where To Purchase Good Quality Boxwood

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Sorry if this topic has already been answered a long time ago but I am new and wondered if recently, where all you wonderful people are purchasing your Boxwood? Eisenbrand has some from Laos and from S. America but I have heard that boxwood from there is not great. I see there is some in Turkey as well. I wondered what this was like.


Are there any North American distributors? Preferably ones that do not want a 100.00 minimum. I think that is Rude to ask that. I tried the one in Canada A&M woods but they don't have any and do not know when they will ever have any again <-----terrible customer service. Took them a week to answer a simple email and even then they were of no help. Since I am Canadian and this company is from Canada, I apologize in advance to anyone who has a similar contact with these people from the US or Abroad, for their behavior.


I have one little stick here that I picked up from a deceased wood turners stash. It originated from LeeValley. Still had the sticker on it for $1.50. So you know how old this piece is .. LOL It is only maybe 1" diameter and about 15" long.


Thank you in advance for any help you can give me. I really want to try a larger piece. Anyone have any to spare I can purchase? :D I would be eternally in your debt!


Kind regards,


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Hi Wendy,


Here is an older topic covering boxwood suppliers: http://www.thecarvingpath.net/forum/index.php?/topic/857-boxwood-any-suppliers-in-the-usa/


Maybe you looked at already?


Gilmer: https://www.gilmerwood.com/search_results.php?keywords=boxwood

Shows also Castello boxwood. Look at this person's work done in this wood: sharonchurchjewelry.net Castello boxwood is not such a bad wood for carving if buxus is not found.



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Thank you Janel. I have looked at Gilmer's boxwood. I was not really wanting a board ft. But that will have to wait for a bit. I do have a wood guy in West Virginia looking around for me there and in MD. If he finds some that are reasonable, I will let everyone know.


I read that earlier post as well. Gilmer and Righteous woods both want 100.00 mimimum order amounts. I have read some good reviews about the wood from Turkey. I will have to look into their store and see.


I have a competition coming up and wanted to carve a bit larger piece.



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