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Newbie From Atlanta

Russ O

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Ill try to make this as interesting as possible considering I know little. Im Russ, married with my third child about to leave for college...empty nester...YES!! Im the artistic type, pen and ink, charcoals, music etc but never anything like this. My father, late in life, took to carving and did incredible bird carvings, life like to a point that it amazed me. I say that because he never in my 5o some years exhibited any type of artistic ability. This was 7-8 years ago he passed and I just remember a small room he had with something hanging down and carvings started and a curio of finished product displayed. I have nothing to show as far as carvings but im a forum poster, asking questions and learning all I can. So I've done a lot of homework to find out I know a lot about a little. I tend to read and look into things before I leap and I "think" I'm going to purchase a Foredom TX for my power carver...Please by all means chime in. I had a 12x16 workshop delivered last week and power being installed this week so I'm close. I am sure Ill need some type of dust collection, maybe not immediately but I know its needed. Lots more questions but I know this is not the place... Thanks for having me!

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Thanks Ed...Unfortunately they only have the Wecheer in store and don't carry the Foredom in stock. I assumed the same thing you said and Id rather spend a 100-150 more now then regret it 6 months from now. I know of no one else in Atlanta that carries this equipment so I guess Im forced to wait and order online. Grrrrrrrr Im not the most patient in these instances lol


Im trying to figure what I HAVE to have now and what can wait a little longer to get... Is this about right??


Carver...I was also going to get another handle for a chisel


Some type of Dust Collection

Small finishing type knife

Wood Burning tool (I have a 40 watt Weller soldering station with variable heat settings, will that work?)



About right??

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