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Hello From Colorado


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Hello Everyone, I'm Greger from just North of Denver CO and I decided to try carving glass this past November 2014. I figured it would be pretty much like carving anything else. (However, I haven't done much carving on anything else!) LOL But I figure if I put my mind to it i'll do okay. I had registered for a booth at a My Little Ponies convention and decided to carve a My Little Ponies official "Running of the Leaves CON" collectors cup since no one else was doing anything remotely close to that for sale in the Merchants area....


Long and short of the story, There was no interest in my air brushing, or the Convention Commemorative Cups either. Pretty much standard scenario. I ended up giving the cup to the CON for their raffle at the end of the show.


It was after all only my First try at glass carving.


I don't seem to be able to get the picture to come to all the correct settings that are listed on the photo info string of topics no matter how I try of what program I use to re-size! I was informed that if I decompress the image that was originally 131 K it would end up 54 K which would be in line with the guidelines, and low and behold no matter how many times I have done that it stays 131K ? I give up and am going to try and submit it this way and hope fully it will end up being all right....


This is the pic of the second cup, as while i was trying to copy and alter the first cup the image file disappeared and I can no longer find it? It may have been deleted? I can't tell anymore as my nerves are fried from trying to alter images for hours setting here getting more and more frustrated.. I used to show my art in galleries, however, never had a job working on a computer and am always at odds with the darned computer thing. I've never figured out how to use, Correl Draw, Adobe Photo Shop, or Adobe Illustrator, as I just don't seem to have a computer literate-user friendly mind. I hire all my computer work to professionals and struggle with it when I can't find anyone to help. In so saying, sorry if the pic won't upload.


After the Running of the Leaves CON last November Halloween weekend, I got really sick and lost the use of my hands and arms, and am still trying to regain strength in my hands, the nerve damage has me pretty shaky, but I've started my third glass carving project last week. If I can figure out how to manipulate the dog on picture re-sizing I will try and put up some pictures of that and one for my Profile picture too. (which I also failed at uploading today) I've never had a job using a computer and for the past 15 years I've been remodeling houses where that are no computers to be found in the carpentry, plumbing, dry wall, tile or anything else on the job sites ! -_-:P:D LOLpost-3912-0-85172800-1425516264.jpg

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