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Jeremy B

Hello From A 100% New Carver.

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Your forum has a serious problem. It misses 1 keystroke for every 5 hit. So I gave up here and wrote on my word processor intend to cut and paste. I can't seem to paste here and I won't write it again, especially as it is a serious chore with this malfunction.


So I guess ask me something and I'll tell you.


I'll attach my popper intro and see if that works. Can't even do that. <sigh>





WEBMASTER: Please look into this bad problem, please.

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Hello Jeremy,


I am sorry that you are experiencing some difficulties with posting here.


Question to others who post, are any of you experiencing this problem?


Maybe your browser needs to be updated? I know that this forum is operating on an older version of software, but when I had some problems on one browser and tried another one, the problem existed only on one of the browsers and worked well on the other. That was a couple of years ago, at least. Since then I keep my browser software updated.


My problems may also relate to our satellite internet speed and connection. It varies dramatically any time of day and with less than perfect weather.


What kind of device are you using when having this problem? Is its software up to date? Is it old or new? Have you restarted your browser (quit and open up again) or restarted your computer? Do you have too many things open that has filled up the RAM? I am not a genius with computers, but have had to ask myself these questions when something begins to balk or not perform well.


I see that you did manage to post again elsewhere. I hope that the problem clears up for you.



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