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100% New Carver Needs Info

Jeremy B

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I am very, very new to this and will have many questions after these. First, what is the best glove to protect your hand? I bought G and F 1670M Cut Resistant 100-Percent Kevlar Gloves with PVC Dots, I testedthem by putting a sheath into the index finger hole. I made a very light slice to it and it parted like tissue paper. So what are the best? Also, how often should I sharpen and strop your knives? My instinct is after every use, like with a firearm. Is this a bad idea? While I am here, where can you buy blanks suitable for canes - 36" minimum length (longer=better) - and height and depth around 3" inches?




God Bless,



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You might try joining web forums that are more attuned to whittling, hobby and cane carving. You may find them more responsive to your questions.


Always keep your carving tools sharp. If you don't, you will find that the edge will not bite easily and will "skid", and will need more force to cut into the wood. I use extremely hard wood, so I am constantly touching up the edge with small diamond cards, (a set of three coarse, fine and extra fine) with a piece of cereal box cardboard with honing compound rubbed onto it to give the tool a quick strop. My tools are tiny so this method works for me. When the tools need reshaping, I use water/whet stones of various grades.


Always keep your tools sharp and as I remind people, always cut away from your flesh. Think ahead.



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