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Kagamibuta Crane Turtle Netsuke


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Kagamibuta Netsuke ,

boxwood , mother of pearl , menuki crane turtle , Ø 47mm

boxwood staining , acid , dylon dye havana brown ,



the crane symbolizes good fortune and longevity because of its fabled life span of a thousand years.

the turtle symbolizes longevity, good luck, and support.

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English as a second language for you both has created a little bit of confusion with this question and answer here, which I am able to relate to with a smile. I think that the question should now be: Alain, did you make the menuki?


My husband asks me questions that give alternative ideas, so any simple answer from me is not possible except to say both "no" and "yes" in the order of the alternatives given in the question, or to give a full sentence answer instead of the simple answer sought. I think that this is such a case here with Niky's question.


Life and Language are always interesting! Happy Spring to you both!



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