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Hail Spermwhale.


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Bluing metal , wiki http://en.wikipedia....ing_%28steel%29 , with bluing pen presto ,

google , https://www.google.b...uing+pen+presto


with perma blue ,


I've blackened the Kitchen Cleaver Chemical (cold) with Schwarzbeize , Brünierbeize zum brünieren von Eisen und Stahl.



and the brass ant with , Brünierbeize zum brünieren von Messing, (made hot)



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Thanks Lachlan ! And thanks Alain for all the tips as usual. It might be helpfull not for this zippo , but for a comming project :) I kinda like that it's getting dirtied or rusty by time and use, I couldn't find what was the metal used under the silver color, gee i really don't know "...." about metal carving anyway :)

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