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Nestor M

My Very First Netsuke

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Hello everyone,

This is my first netsuke following the directions from "Carving Japanese Netsuke for the Beginner" by Robert Jubb.

It is made of Costello Boxwood and I used some of the tools I made and a Charlie Sheppard carving knife I just purchased.

I love working with the Costello Boxwood as It cuts so smoothly as to leave an almost polished finish.

I enjoyed working on the small sized piece and believe I have found a new hobby I can truly enjoy and grow with.

I still have to make the eyes, which will be made of water buffalo horn and then finish polish with a wax. Any other recommendations are surely appreciated.

Thank you all and be well,




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Hello, Nestor


I'm a newcomer of this forum and of the wood carving working.

I like wood carving too.


I've interest that you made a Japanese Netsuke because I'm Japanese.


The Costello Boxwood seems suitable for wood carving certainly.

I can't look it near and I'll look for it in Japan.




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Hello Yoshii,

Welcome to the group. I am very new to carving netsuke. I find the carvings very beautiful.


Costello Boxwood has become a favorite wood for carving small carvings.


Good luck and I hope to see some of your work soon.


Be well,


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