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Sean R

I'm Me, Who Are You?

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Hello all,


I am Sean, I am a carver from Hawaii. I have officially been carving for 3 years, not counting whittling as a youngin'. I am a sculpture major an the University of Manoa, I learned more of my carving skills at a Kalai Laau class which focuses on Hawaii based carvings.


I am not much of an online person, but I see on this forum a lot of peoples work that I respect and admire and hope to exchange techniques, philosophies and passion with.


I draw most of my inspiration from textile forms. Typically I like to look in to material cultures of different sorts. Or I'll see some braid, weave, knot, netting, etc. and draw from that. Then I carve them out of antler or wood. Check out the pictures! I believe there even in the right format!





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very cool. thanks. Question are the interlocking pieces able to move freely, or are they still slightly attached to each other? And I thought it was a challenge to carve a chain...

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David, there's no interlocking pieces in the ones I've shown. There based on knots where the ends are connected so that it holds it structural integrity. They are all separated between each strand. The chain carving uses the techniques needed for this but its more like carving a double helix in terms of structure

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