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Pakake Rua (Two Whales)


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I'm still hoping by sharing some work, this place will continue to flourish :)


New piece I thought I would share. Something a little different. Story below. Cheers, Billy.


What lies beneath? Strength. Pride. Guidance. Your whakapapa (genealogy). Two sides, forever together in your heart, your wairua. It makes you who you are, and makes you an important part of your whanau's (family's) journey. Nothing is stronger than the love for your whanau, your family. Together, the strength is immense. Bring in your whakapapa, your tupuna (ancestors), the strength is impenetrable. Trust in your tupuna for mauriora (spiritual strength and guidance). They are there together for you. They lie within your soul. Unseen, but with great force they preside, yet peaceful and loving. Calm and majestic. Like two whales in the ocean.





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