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A Serious And Possibly Basic Question

Reuben W.

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My name is Reuben. I have recently completed an off the cuff necklace carving. It is the first carving I have done and it has brought up some questions.


The carving was from cow bone and is of a fish hook. This is a common design in New Zealand Maori culture representing health, prosperity and safe travel. So far I'm satisfied with the end result other than the odd tool mark in the bone and it has made me want to do it again better.


The question I have is how do you treat the bone? The bone I used has a couple of blood vessels in it. I'm assuming you don't just leave it as is and hope for the best?


I will add a picture when I figure out how.

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Hey there, most I know remove the knuckles , remove excess marrow then heat it up in simmering water using heat and detergent to remove the oils , some use a bleach as well though this can result in the material looking somewhat plastic. Once this is done then there is usually a thin outer layer to be removed by scraping that has been compromised by the process.

After that its simply a case of picking out part of the bone that is solid and having a go :-) important to protect your lungs too bone and shell can be deadly if inhaled as in does not break down, hope this helps


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