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Hi I Am David I Like Rocks

David Be

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New here thanks for allowing me into this forum which I hope will prove

to be a wealth of information and learning as I re-approach my artistic desire

in the sculpting of nephrite realm.


What attracted me here were the postings of Daniel Lopacki and his work.

In my non member status I could not view other photos and so I will

certainly continue to be impressed by the membership I am sure.


I was president of the Natrona County Rockhounds here in Casper, WY for

a time until my job demands and hours changed and negated my ability to attend

the club.


I am a long time jade hunter and really REALLY like going to the field and finding

Our Native Nephrite and other treasures that the prairie hides in plain sight.


Here is a pic of my 1st 3-d carving in Nephrite. (actually my only 3-d to date)

The Black ring is Edwards and the green cab/eagle is chrysoprayse.

The other stone is my 1st ever piece of Wyoming nephrite that I found in my youth.


Stones fuzzy in the background are Kimberlite from Wyoming/Colorado area.



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Hi David,


I am surprised that you could not see images on posts prior to registering. Any non-member guest should be able to view the entire post with attached images, unless members have deleted their images for some reason. Has the situation changed, are you able to see images before logging in and/or afterwards?



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