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Hello From Sweden!

Michael Sk

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Hi. My name is Michael Skoog and i'm a beginner antler carver from Västerås, Sweden.


I'm very much a hobbyist when it comes to carving. I do not sell anything i make, instead i like to give it away to family and friends as presents. I started out with whittling but soon got in to working with antlers. As i don't have anyone to teach me the ropes i have been looking around the internet for months trying to find information or tutorials about bone carving until eventually i found these forums.

I am here because i am hoping to learn and to have the opportunity to ask questions from people who actually knows what they are doing. :D


I am not a hunter myself and i have limited access to tools and materials so i tend to make smaller things like pendants. I will post some pictures of the work i have done so far in the Show and Tell section of the forums.


Glad to have found you


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