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Most Of My Work So Far.

Michael Sk

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I decided to make a post showing some of the things i have made since i started carving about a year ago. There are a few i have no pictures of as i am one of about three people in the entire world who still have a mobile phone with no camera. :wacko: Don't worry admin, there aren't too many of them and i tried to keep the file sizes small. :)


A horse i carved for my then one year old nephews birthday.



An owl pendant. I have made a few owl pendants but this particular design is NOT my own. I made it as an exercise and the design comes from a picture of a wooden pendant i found on the internet.



It's always exciting when you dig in to a new antler. You never know what you are going to find inside. But sometimes it can turn out a bit anticlimactic. :D



A rare specimen of the little known Moose turtle.



A gnome i made as a thank you to someone who donated some antlers.



A viking pendant i made for a good friend.


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