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Hello From Southern Indiana

Ron N

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well i just discovered this site. i found it after seeing some photos of metal carving on a knife blade, right up my alley.

i was born in western ky and left home in 1959 to enlist in the army. after doing my tour i went back to ky for a hot minute but still needed to roam, eventually ended up in Indianapolis looking for a job. at this time jobs were fairly easy to come by so in the first year i had 6 of them, work a while, party a while. ended up going to school at indiana university, ending with a masters degree but couldnt come up with enough reason the go for a doc degree. worked at different jobs after school but finally at the age of 40 got married (second try at this) and had to stop my wandering and roudy ways. i have had an interest in scrimshaw for over 30 years, spent about 10 years teaching scrimshaw at the J.J. Campbell folk school and at the wooden boat school in maine and have a published book on scrimshaw. retired about 11 years ago and have spent about 10 of those making small copper sculptures for a gallery in nashville,in. but a couple of years ago started heaving health problems and decided to back off from the gallery and now focusing on knife making and some wood carving. glad to be part of this group. love working with my hands and learning new stuff. enjoy talking to people as my wife proclaims :) .

take care all and i would love to hear from y'all. oh forgot, love my coon hounds



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