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Forest R.

Hello From A Creature Sculptor

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Hi there,


Having found Janel's extraordinary work, I wanted to join the forum and get a better sense of what's up in the carving world. I've been greatly inspired by netsuke, and would love to learnmore about how they're carved. And... maybe even try one in boxwood one day...


Modelling, i.e. building up in clays, is what I've been doing. I've been a professional sculptor for - well, almost forever. For about 25 years I worked with paleontologiests at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History in Pittsburgh to create their dinosaur model line prototypes. That was great grounding, as my personal work is almost entirely fantastical.


Here's a faun and a Carnotaurus, both in Kato Polyclay (related to Sculpey but much stronger):




Thanks for letting me join this intriguing forum! :)



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