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Hi, I Am Gerardo Corlay And My Hobby Is Handcrafting!

Gerd C

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Hi! My name is Gerardo Corlay.I am from Mexico but living in Europe at the moment.


My interest in small scale carving started many years ago, since I was little I got very interested in how antique and primitive tools were made. It might just be my hobby and I end up giving my carvings as presents to family, but I also sell custom carvings from time to time.


Starting when finding an old bone in a farm, I have learned a lot for being a self taught craftsman. I would have never imagined that I will be able to make some of the crafts I am able to make now. All my pieces and crafts are handmade, I have no industrial equipment or big machines to work with, just a dremel and I used to have a polishing wheel back in Mexico.


Crafts I have made: Dreamcatchers, earings, necklaces, bracelets, decorations, small sculptures, lamps, knives, notebooks, silver jewelry, tomahawks.

Materials that I have used include: Amber, bone, meteorite, silver, brass, wood, steel, mammoth tusk, stone, horn, antler, ostrich eggshell, leather and even coconut.


I am looking for means to increase my knowledge and improve my skills while doing so.


You can take a look at my crafts on facebook (CAN Handcrafts) or instagram (@americanhandcrafts) for reference.


I appreciate the opportunity, best regards.







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