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Something Old, Something New


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I enjoy working with the flaws of the material instead of removing them. The cascet with a silver lid is made from elk bone, and stained with onion skin. I like the way the roughness of the bone make it look like old wood. Instead of covering or removing the hole where the blood vessels once entered the cavity, I decided to make it a part of the artwork. The celtic dog is a detail from a painting by Brian Froud. Working with bone is still a bit new to me, I am better with silver. Combining the two crafts was rewarding and fun.


I don't know what to do with the new piece just yet. The bone has a sort of wierd, flat shape. I stained it with alder cones. It was difficult to photograph, since the stain is a bit glossy, i guess it is sugar from the alder sap or something like that. Maybe I'll just put a silver lid on it and put it on shelf somewhere.




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Thanks! Mostly, I just use these, and some fine sandpaper and steel wool. The scraper/burnisher is the kind you use for silversmithing, it is the one tool I could never work without. It solves most of my sculpting problems.


The silver work is a different story, it required a multitude of tools. But I guess you were referring to the bone carving.


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