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Rebecca B

Removing Jewelry Glue From 1930-1940's Elephant Ivory Earring

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I have some earrings I am working to convert from clip-on to pierced. They are valueable as well as precious to the owner. They were made in 1930-1940's Siam (before name change to Thailand). I need suggestions on how to loosen, remove, jewelers glue on the screw-peg that is inserted in the very old Elephant Ivory without damaging the Ivory.


Three were reasonably easy to unscrew or simply required some use of a automobile points gauge thin gauge 9 and 10 slide under or between the Ivory and finding. The last one moves left and right a bit but is really stubborn.


The silver pieces I cannot remove the backing without breaking either the Silversmithing (on the round ones) or breaking the cabachon on the bell shaped one. I have decided to cut the old clip/screw attachement off and use my dremel to smooth that edge down then rough it up back minimally and simply apply a new Sterling Silver cup post to the back with E6000 glue.


Any suggestions are welcome!


Rebecca (aka Feralgodmother)





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Although  I suspect you have already figured this out, there is a product used by jewelers "Attack" that has successfully remove epoxy et al from fine pearls without damaging the nacre; however, a warning caveat: DO NOT allow this on your skin (or inhale or ingest) because it is toxic/highly carcinogenic!  Cheers, Rick

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