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Hi Im Castro I'm An Engraver , Intaglio Seal Engraving London


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Im 26 from Newcastle originally but moved down to London after the recession for the jobs.

Im working as an engraver in Hatton Garden but id like to move into carving because Iv been working on seal engraving for a long time.

This community has some really great gems of knowledge and people can't wait to explore

Iv just won a Churchill Trust award to learn carving techniques in Japan only trouble is i can't find anyone who would be willing to take a worker on so if anyone knows that would be a great help.

Im also offering to work for anyone for free who can also exchange some carving knowledge because i want to become a teacher with different techniques one day.


Haven't joined a community before so I'm finding the coding difficult youl have to bare with me,

hope these links work


all the best


c a s t r o


heres a pic of me tools




Most of my seal engravings are the size of a finger nail, you can see the praying hands are next to my thumbnail








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