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HI, I'm called Doc


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I was forced to retire from my practice of Podiatry in 2001 due to kidney failure. After two years of dialysis my depression was getting worse by the day. I don't remember how but I was introduced to jewelry making this past Spring. It has given me focus, challanged my dormant hand/eye skills, and re-introduced me back into society.


I have purchased several carved turquoise pieces and made them into rather nice pendants. I'm currently working on teaching myself to make rings other than the wire wrapped variety.


I want to learn to carve stone, semiprecious stones such as turquoise. I could use all the information and guidance this forum wants to share with me.


I have a Foredom drill and a selection of diamond bits. So far I've drilled holes and mounted CZ's in rings and pedants.


Let me start with a simple question: I know to drill/cut under water. I use a small custard dish. The sides of this dish are steep and I find it difficult to work with it.

Any hints as to technique with this? I also have Cut Lube but it doesn't seem to be as effecient. I've used both together at times.


The attachment shows one stone I purchased and modified. I know it's too busy but it was fun and it even sold at a recent craft show.


Hello to you all and I look forward to hearing from you!! :)



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Hi Doc and welcome. There are a few stone carvers here who may be able to give you some advice. It may take a while as not everyone checks in daily.


I took the liberty of resizing one of your photos. It's necessary to have the photo file size relatively small, otherwise the forum will become awkward and slow for all of us. You can see Janel's information on this under "Resize Images for this forum" in the Photography section. Thanks, and again welcome. Sounds like you are on a fine retirement path. Hope the dialysis goes smoother.

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