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Motor Cycle Rear Signal Visor

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post-4189-0-27927600-1460394361.jpgpost-4189-0-64439100-1460394373.jpgpost-4189-0-41000700-1460394389.jpgpost-4189-0-21430200-1460394411.jpgpost-4189-0-41739800-1460394426.jpgpost-4189-0-54338400-1460394448.jpgpost-4189-0-64786300-1460394465.jpgMade for my ride.

3 pc. hinged visor.

Native American Indian Chief styled after Pontiac car emblem.

Shaped on lens housing in wax/clay.

Note 3-d flames and feathers .

It works for me!

Cast, finished in 2-tone brass.




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