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Barry Lee Hands

Sr Johnson Big Bear Engraved By Barry

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Fellow carvers,

It has been awhile since I have posted, I thought this might be of interest.

I might add a thank you to member Phil Coggan who suggested I put scroll behind my gold work. Thank you!


Many years ago, Steve Lindsay hooked me up with S R Johnson working on a knife for David Darom.

That has led to a series of colabs between SRJ and I including our most recent and spectacular for Carl Lopez.

Below is a series of pics showing some of the design work and execution of the installation of the gold and diamonds.

for more info please go to:


The finished knife:



The original layout, with the main line of flow through the center:



More detail added:


Cutting the Layout on the soft blade:


First side cavities complete:


Second side cavities complete:


The piece is sent to heat treat and returns. The next step is the pearl.

Filing the pearl flush:


Sanding the pearl:


The pearl is ready to excavate the cavities for the gold:


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Wow Barry! Stunning results. I truly appreciate seeing your hands and tools at work. It makes me want to be watching you making the magic happen!


Thank you for presenting the new piece and for exposing some of the technique behind the work.



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Hi Barry! I'm always glad to see your amazing work! So many elegant beautiful work! Once I've seen your work with mother of pearl and gold inlays - will never forget! Thanks for the beauty!

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