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Member Feedback To: Contemplating Closing The Forum

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I can understand the closing of TCP. But I will miss it. I have looked at other forums that have a section on carving ,but they do not come close to what The Carving Path has to offer.

It has helped me with my carving and has inspired me many times.

I know that I do not come here and use it like I did when I first signed in, and have not shared as much as I wanted to, or should have.

Even though I have not personally met any on here, I feel like they are good friends. Any time I had a question it was answered, and helped me, and inspired me.

Thanks ever so much for letting me share some time with you and all the members of TCP, and I will hope that it would continue.

Ed Twilbeck, Ocean Springs Ms. , On the Gulf Coast.

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I am sorry to see this site go! It was inevitable given low participation of late. I have gleaned some very helpful info from this site as well as inspiration. Members have shared some awe inspiring art.

Janel, thank you for all the hard work needed to start and maintain this wonderful board.



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Well I was hoping to add to and glean from the people that frequent here and found myself late to the party. I wonder if there could be

some fiscal assistance from such a source as go fund me. I am at a distance for certain but would not be adverse to assisting within

my skill set of some IT skills. Hate to see this resource go the way of the dodo bird.

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I have been gathering information and now know what it will entail to keep the forum on line.


The new costs for upgrading the software that keeps the forum running will now be a lot more dollars a month than the old software version it has limped by with for years. There are data storage fees for the text and images as well. The software must be upgraded, and the current software version will go bye-bye in the near future. That will cause the loss of the archived topics, images and posts. There are necessary security costs added now as well. I cannot shoulder the full weight of the costs of the forum.


The forum data (text and images) is only accessible with the online software. I will not be able to archive the information and use it on my computer.


My heart is breaking to have to be considering any of the options that would end the forum. Such a choice would cause the loss of the valuable, archived information resource that has been available to carvers since January 2005.


But, ending it has now become a possibility. If the membership will carry the costs of keeping the forum on line there is hope for keeping this resource available to all who visit these pages.


Are there any good ideas on how to share the costs to keep the forum on line?


Are there any good ideas on how to enliven the membership participation so that doing the work and paying the bills makes sense to keep the forum on line?


With a heavy heart,



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Thank you for each of your thoughtful posts folks.


Thank you Peter for the generous offer of donating towards the operating costs. That is much appreciated. I am not sure how to make that happen smoothly yet. Members could perhaps email me or PM me for private communication about the 'how to do it' chat.


It will take more than one donation I am sure, and over time some more into the collection pot as the monthly payments are very repetitive. Are there others willing to contribute to the operating costs as well?



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