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Quiet On The Path

Ed Twilbeck

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It seems to be very Quiet here latley ,, guess everyone is busy carving, or planning a new one.

I would love to see some works of the many talent artist that are here, and maybe I , and others can be inspired to take on a new project. A lot of my carving and other wood projects were inspired seeing what others have done.

Pre hurricane Katrina I had a full equipped wood working studio, a lot of things that I made and some I designed , came from inspirations' that I seen at other Carvers, Wood Workers, Turners, web sites, or publications in books or magazines.

Everyone that has a web site, if they would list it here, we could go check it out and see, and maybe get some new Ideas,


I know that most all Artist are like the wood artist that I know ,,we are working alone, in our studio / shop,, with many others doing the same in their own studio, sometimes till late at night, or all day


my site is Firewoodstudio.com

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Dear Ed,

Long time, no post!

Yes, I am one of those. (lol :P )

Been swapping from one job to another, too many things going on with my Family and, of course, with my life but so far everything is, gratefully, coming out fine. All the previous comment was to say that, unfortunately, I haven´t been carving much... :blush:

As of not I am making a new workshop that, hopefully, will be finished in a couple of weeks but I will try to post, at least, one of my latest works inspired by you (yes, all of you, all) but, specially, the NZ and Polynesian great, great bone carving artists.

As regards as sites, I had two but they are gone now (snif snif :( ) but it was too expensive to keep them going...

As I have the chance to reply to this post I have one line to add:

@Janel: Dear Master, I owe you so much, you are part of my deepest tuition and being inspired by your art/discipline will be all-ways greatly appreciated by this Forum.



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Dear Sebas,


How good it is to read your message! Life can be very complicated!


We all have some part of life when we are part of a family, from young to old members who are near or far, arrivals and departures from this earth, changes of work and on and on. I offer compassion and understanding to each member whose forward movement in their lives needs to take detours. The great hope is that a new point of equilibrium will be attained some time as events pass. Life is long for many of us, so there is much that we can accomplish in it by a number of creative ways, whether with our hands, or with our hearts as we care for others.


On with the other things. I look forward to your future posts! Are you still making music as well?


Thank you sincerely for your thoughtful message to me. It means a lot to read it.


Now, on with the day!



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Ed and Janel, I think the reality is a bit different... My impression is that more and more people migrate to Facebook groups. And I am talking from my own experience, too. And not only in carving matters, but also completely unrelated other activities. I am a member of quite a few musical instrument forums, and the signs are exactly the same. Less and less involvement, while more and more activity by the same people on various FB groups. Unfortunately (at least, for traditionalists) that is how it works....

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Yuri ,,, you are right about Facebook,,, I too have a Facebook page and have joined with some carving and stick making groups,,, but TCP has been more family like , when you ask someone about their work ,,,or just ask a question for the group you get some great answers ,, that come with care,, when I look back at some of the past works that have been shared and if some one ask what was the material or how you got to that great work ,,you got a fabulous answer...

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Hi Yuri and Ed,


The Facebook phenomenon is a reality, and is part of the diminished participation on the forum. The pace here was different than the open free-for-all of the social network, where the sense of being in a shared, virtual, might exist with instant results. The one feature that rolling social media communications does not have when compared to this accumulating reference forum source is that the contents are here to use as a reference library. I have not figured out how to mine Facebook for past threads on a topic of interest.


But, it takes a community to keep it going and growing. For now, I am in a holding pattern, not ready to take action one way or another. Life at our old house is quite demanding this month, and I hope that by the end of the month there will be a conclusion to the activities.


Thank you both for talking about the way things have changed.



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Actually, on any group on FB there is a window, just below the group photo, to the right, "search this group". It will list anything by keywords, starting with the latest, going all the way to the first. Of course, something like "bone" will throw up probably the entire history of a bone carving group, so searching needs to be more fine-tuned. But you are correct in saying that the whole layout is less helpful when you want to follow particular topics. Though, on at least one group the moderator is putting really important things into files, and saving them as such, so they can be accessed without searching through the whole history.

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Hello Ed, Janel, Yuri


it's been some time since I contributed here

...and I cannot blame Facebook as I'm not on it!


I have been dipping into TCP for help from the archives and simple curiosity looking at other people's work


I have been carving on and off and will post some photos to the appropriate page


In the meantime look at this link for some inspiration - well, it inspired me -its a kestrel carving by a Scottish artist done 1939 I think - very clean lines, looks so simple but ...well you know



now to sort out some photos

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Hi all - after reading through this one I thought I would offer an idea just in case this forum has to be closed down. It is not the best idea but it would be a place to keep folks together if they choose. I'll say first off that I am not a facebook fan by any means, but there is a way to create a 'Closed Group' which the person who sets up that page is able to accept or deny requests for folks to join, much like here.


One downside of course, is that Facebook is filled with so much 'chatter' and I get a pit in my stomach every time I have to go there in order to check out some of the closed groups I belong to. There are many downsides I know, especially for those of us who simply are not on FaceSpook.


Upside is that it is free, and fairly easy to maintain once it is set up. And as Yuri said, there is a way to add documents in a 'Files' section which could be handy for archiving popular topics.


In short, I would much much rather come here as it has a closer knit feel about it without all the drama of social media. I tend to keep to myself, and I love this forum as a means of seeing what you all have done over the years as well as the new things. Facebook is too extraverty for me, if there is such a thing. But again, the closed group would be somewhat of a compromise, if worse comes to worse with keeping this forum up and going.




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