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Chess Pieces

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I have been playing a lot of chess recently and thought I would try making my own pieces.


I am still testing out various designs and woods


None of what are shown are the finished article


The clenched fist for the Rook (stronghold...hmm) and the praying hands for the Bishop are my ideas although probably already dreamt up elsewhere

The other designs are based on / influenced by what I've seen on the Web

The King and 2nd Bishop are based on the Lewis Chess Men.


Great fun and very satisfying


I hope you like them too











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Great carvings, good ideas, .... I have thought about carving a chess set,, and that's all I have done, thought about it,, so far ... Thought about useing some exotic wood, pen turning blanks ,that you can get from woodcraft supply ,,, still got the idea and looking for a style,, to do ... Will do it one day ,,, I have the pen blanks,, just need the style...

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