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Looking To The Membership To Make The Carving Path Forum Come Alive Again.


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Happy New Year to all who read this message! I do hope that you will experience a rewarding and joyful 2017!




Is anyone out there?


Is this tree going to fall in the forest and have nobody notice?


Believe it or not, I have taken a great deal of time recently to update the operating system of the forum, and will continue to work on the total upgrade in the months ahead. Days worth of time, so far.


Why do I do it?


I continue to hope that there are seekers who are, or wish to be, members of this forum who will participate with one another to learn and to grow as each of us pursues our carving goals and dreams. That is how the valuable archives from the past 16 years were compiled. People, carvers of all sorts interacted with one another here on the forum, and their accumulated knowledge became a resource for you all to use.


This forum began in 2005 just about now in January. A lot has happened since then, especially with social media where any shared knowledge just drifts away as the new posts are made. Since 2005 a great deal of digital information has become available through the expanding internet resources.


This forum format preserves the knowledge that we share with each other for the use of, and is available to, members and non members alike. Registered members are able to log in and start topics, ask questions, provide answers, show others how to do things with images, and can also present their completed pieces.


Questions that I have been asking myself:

- Is this forum still viable?

- Is it worth my time maintaining it?

- Is it worth my financial outlay to pay to keep it a useful resource?

- Are there people still learning from the knowledge base, and, how would I know that?

- Might it be possible to ask for some financial contributions from the membership?


This last question is a biggy, well, they all are. The costs are constant. Help from the membership to support the operating expenses would be truly welcomed.




I know ... I've referenced closing the forum, sort of like shaking the bee hive, to see if it matters that it exists or not. Many quietly have thoughtfully written of their appreciation for the resources found here from time to time. Those messages have been deeply moving and I have appreciated receiving them.


This place has mattered to me for a very long while, and its presence has been helpful to seekers on their various quests to learn and grow with what they are doing. I need to know that it matters to enough people, a number high enough to re-enliven this platform for sharing knowledge by actually sharing what you all know, or what you need to know.


Global friendships have formed here, the kind of fellowship that binds us together regardless of where we are on this planet. The knowledge that one person in an embattled country can carve beautiful things from wood that are useful in daily life, or someone else follows centuries old traditional methods and subjects, or someone who adopts tradition from another country . . . carving in the small scale, from wood or bone or metal or stone, with sharp tools, binds us all together.


This has been such a place where fellowship has formed. Is this the future, to be such a place again? Or is it to be a memory of what it was, and pass into being a "has been", a recollection, a lost archive?


Respectfully yours,




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Thank you for all of your hard work!

How to make this site buzz once again? I wish I knew. I drop in several times each week, but it is so quite on the board. It would be a shame to see the board go away, after all the work you have put in to it and all the great information it contains.


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Thank you Janel for your work in maintaining this forum. I was so glad to have found it when searching around over the last few weeks for a place to learn how to carve stone beads. There is just not anything like this out there.


I for one would be very sad to see it go, but I understand what you are saying when you speak of the time and cost that goes into it.


Along the lines of financial contributions, I am thinking of creative ideas on that one. What about setting up an Etsy shop, or some kind of online place, where members could donate a piece here and there for the public to purchase and have the money go towards keeping this site up and going?


I feel bad suggesting something like that as I have not yet anything to contribute myself, so it feels weird asking/suggesting it of others. But..the more I think of it, I am wondering if one of the missing links here with keeping things abuzz is getting more visibility from non-carvers, to perhaps bring in new people or at least awareness of the treasure we have here?


I will keep thinking on it!


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Hi Heidi,


Thank you for considering creative ways towards contributions. I'd much rather just receive the financial support rather than having to set up and maintain a sales venue on top of everything else. I appreciate the suggestion though.


It takes people communicating with people to keep this forum alive. Today has revealed the most activity in the past couple of days where you and a few others have actually communicated with one another. When the discussions get meaty is when folks actually begin to help one another constructively, fostering an educational atmosphere. Show and tell is a part of it all, but the learning and growing from the help of other memvers is the big thing that has made, and will make, this an enduring resource for seekers and carvers.



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Hi Janel,


That definitely makes sense, I understand what you are saying. Basically it would be adding another set of things to track and manage...and with time being just as valuable and hard to come by, this would just facilitate less time overall. It would be cool if some of the local gem and mineral chapters had a way to contribute to forums such as this.


Many have discussed the migration from forums to social media, but I wonder if/when people will tire of the drama of those channels, and gravitate back to places like this to have meaningful conversation and find/share knowledge with out all the mental clutter.


I am continuing to make my way around the posts here and becoming more and more excited about carving as I do so.




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