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Small Carving Instructional Videos

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Hi Matt,


Well, it looks like the links are broken so the files are no longer accessible. I have been unable to contact the person who volunteered to translate and store the files externally. It looks like those files are lost. If I am able to look back in my external hard drives used as backup devices, I might be able to find the original file. That was ten years and a couple of computers ago. I don't know if it will translate and be able to be attached here. I'll see what I can do about it.


The video was not a professionally done movie. I set up a camera and had it watch while I carved and tried to talk at the same time. Awkward to say the least, but it showed how I was using the choice of tools from so long ago. The concept of holding the tools and working with the grain were part of the useful visual information.


I am sorry that it was lost. I posted a notice to any who go to view that topic, to let them know the links do not work now.

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Thanks for checking into it. That's too bad the files are lost. From what I see in older threads people really liked them, and they looked like just the thing for beginners like me. If you are able to dig up the original files I'd be happy to help with finding a new home for hosting.

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The original file has been found. It is a .dv file, 3.27 GB.


I do not know how to convert it to a broadly useable format. I also do not want to use up 1/3 of my monthly satellite data package to upload it. I will need to figure some things out before replacing the files to the original post.


Back when it was posted, I do not recall why it was not simply attached. It may be that video documents cannot be attached. More to figure out.



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Thank you very much Matt O for providing the technical skill and effort to convert the old file into a useful format. The tool demo video is now available here:


TCP address in Small Carving Instructional Videos


and here:


On Vimeo a direct link: Tool Use Demonstration - Stephen Myhre Style Tools & Janel Jacobson's Tools

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