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Hello From Montana! Interested In Stone Bead Carving

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Hello Everyone! It is great to be here.


My name is Heidi Leatherby and it's an honor to have found this forum. I have poked around a little and this looks to be the best place out there for all things related to carving.


My background is in metal smithing, with emphasis on lost wax casting/carving and some work in clay vessels. I do not have the shop set up to do this now, but at the time I enjoyed working with gems and stones the most and would like to get back into working with them.


Recently I began researching the carving of stone beads, as I enjoy the look and feel of a single focal point bead on a simple leather cord (Jades, Lapis and Jasper are a few of my favorites). The idea of spending time with a single small piece of stone and forming it into something beautiful yet simple is something that very much resonates with me.


I am very much looking forward to meeting you and learning from your posts in all areas, not just stone carving.


Kindest always,




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Thank you Danny and Janel for the welcoming words. Danny, thank you for sharing what you are up to now - sometime when you are not busy carving away it would be cool to see photos of your single beads. I have been reading through some of your posts and they have been very helpful.




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