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Good size! You did it!


Now, you are ready for another step in the process of image preparation! "Groan" you say? Not a big deal if you have the software that can do the job. See how much black is around the carving? See if you can figure out how to select just the image with a little boarder of background (we don't need to see that much of that part) and crop it from the rest of the image. See of you have a help section with the image management software that helped resize the whole image. It seems tricky at first, but we all are having to learn this stuff if we want to share images of what we do. Never too old to learn! Then when the image is sized to the recommended approximate 640 x 480 pixel dimension, the carving can actually be larger, filling the frame within the recommended size.


I am curious about the Raven piece, materials and its size. Is it part of a something bigger?

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