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Costs going up for the forum

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As admin/owner of the forum, I am responsible for paying the fees to keep the forum on line for all viewers and participants to use and learn from.  The fees are going up, mostly because of the full size images that have been posted in the past.  The monthly fee has been $30, and the next step up will be $45 per month.  This is making it hard for me to bear the costs alone to simply maintain the database for almost no evidence of participation by members.

Are there generous souls amongst the readers and members who might help keep the forum available to all by sharing in the costs required to keep the forum on line? 

If yes, please PM me or email me and we can discuss options privately.

Thank you,


PS: please when you post images, follow the guidelines that appear at the head of each forum area.  Thank you.

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If any members are grateful for the forum being kept available on line, the Admin would appreciate hearing from you regarding financial contributions towards its upkeep.  Please PM me here on the forum and we will discuss the how-to of making the donation.


Many thanks,


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