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Hi out there in the carving world

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At least I found a found a forum  for carvers that carves in the small scale. I have carved for a while, mostly in small scale, and different mediums like metal, wood, bone and antler etc.

It is lovely to look around in the forums and look at the work from so much talented people, and what goldmine of knowledge there is in all the posts. I apologize for my bad english. As  you allready maybe have found out English is not my mother language, but you are free to laugh if I spell or say something teribly wrong. A good laugh newer hurts anyone. :-) Janel asked me to post some pictures of my work, so I will try to post some of my modest pieces done in diferent mediums. Looking foreward to som good conversations with my new friends:-)

PS 1.jpg

PS 2.jpg

PS 3.jpg

PS 6.jpg

PS 4.jpg

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Nice work!

I especially like the owl.

I think anyone who has a problem with your English should understand how difficult it is to learn.

I pretty much only speak American English, but I realize the effort and strength of will it takes to learn it as a second language. (or more...).

I salute your accomplishments.


As to laughter, I always say,;

"If you can't laugh at yourself, you will miss all the best jokes."



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