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photoshop 3.0


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Hi Janel, me again. I just upgraded my photoshop 2.0 to 3.0 and it has an auto smart fix that did the job for me. Just click on it. I will now try cropping. I may have to crop before using the smart fix. It is a 3" spermwhale tooth with beaten gold eye. Just an ornament. It is in a carved and stained yellowcedar box/ biwolf


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You are getting closer. I think that it auto smart fix needs some tweaking. You should get a less grainy and clearer picture. You are right about cropping before changing the file size. It is complicated but once you figure it out, it will become a repeatable and rewarding task.


Have you read the topic "Resize Images For This Forum, Reduce file size with Photoshop" in the Photography forum? Do any of the steps look like something you could do in Photoshop 3? I started with Photoshop 4, and can't remember back that far with the software.


Basically you want to crop the image of its background, as you have above.

Then you want to change the dpi to 72 dots per inch, which was not done in the above image.

At the same time of changing the dpi, you need to set the height and width to the general measurements of 640 x 480 pixels. (Don't be concerned about the inches or centimeters that might also be visible in the task box. Those are for prints, and the 72 dpi is only for the internet and email.)


When the image is saved, as a JPEG or .jpg, the quality should be set to render the image at about 50 k in size. That usually produces an adequately clear picture.


You will get it sometime. Do you have anyone in your fair area that knows how to prepare images and could assist you with figuring this out?

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